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by Wendy on September 14, 2010

If ever two sisters got together to create great fashion, Nickie and Nina would be at the top of the list!  I love their designs ever since I first saw them several years ago.  (I secretly wish they would come do a fashion show in Los Angeles again so I can see their collection up close.)

I am a fiend for good textures, constantly feeling fabrics as I brush past them in stores and showrooms.  What I love about their garments is that they often combine two or more textures in a single gown.  They also mix bright and subtle hues of colors together to create a colorful garment in a tasteful way.

What makes their gowns distinctive is the materials used and the precious or semi-precious stones used to adorn them.  They make gowns for both formal and semi-formal affairs where you will feel like royalty!

Check out their collection on their website or contact them directly or check out their Facebook Page for their latest events/ exhibitions.  They were just in the US in June/ July 2010!

Want to adapt one of their design mantras into your wedding design?  Mix two different textures on your reception tables.  You can do this by either layering linens over the table or by having a different texture napkin than the table linen.

May you be inspired!

Photo Credit: Nickie Nina

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