Inspiration Board: Pretty as a Peacock!

by Wendy on August 3, 2010

The peacock, the national bird of India, symbolized qualities of beauty, elegance and delight.  It makes for a perfect foundation for your wedding design as it incorporates some lovely colors and can be used as an accent very easily.

Some South Asian Brides shy away from using the real feathers, while others tuck them literally into many design elements.  If you opt to not use the feathers, a great way to incorporate them is to have them printed on your wedding stationery, piped onto your cake or even basing the colors of your wedding design found in the feather itself. (In our quest for images, we even found an entire gown made of peacock feathers!)


This gown debuted in China touting 2,009 peacock feathers costing $1.5 million. I would not recommend wearing this gown to your wedding…as you would be rendered immobile, but I just HAD to show you!

There are several color combinations you can create based on the peacock feather (many more than I have even listed here):

  • Brown and Peacock Blue/ Teal/ Turquoise/ Green/ Yellow
  • Peacock Blue/ Teal/ Turquoise/ Green and Yellow
  • Peacock Blue/ Teal Turquoise and Green
  • Peacock Blue/ Teal/ Turquoise and Pink (One of my favorite combinations with the peacock feather)

Image Source: Culture Quest

Image Sources for the Inspiration Board:
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May you be inspired!

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